Music industry insiders point out why SM is in its current state

It is said that many people in the music industry feel sorry for the current state of SM

‘Personal greed’

It seems that the so-called bankruptcy or acquisition isn’t inevitable, but a well-run company that is taken over by the founder’s personal greed

1. That’s right, it’s not that SM is bankrupt, it’s just that a well-run company has been turned into a rival company’s label because of personal greed

2. K-Pop is dying

3. Seriously, this happened because of Lee Soo Man’s greed.. I feel betrayed, this old man

4. As expected.. You don’t know how the world will change

5. I feel like my memories are also disappearing

6. Even a passerby who doesn’t care about SM or HYBE is shocked, anyone who likes K-pop even a little will agree

7. Who knew that one of the top 3 Korean entertainment companies would become like this

8. It’s really shocking that Lee Soo Man has no loyalty to artists, staff or SM

9. Just looking at the net profit, SM is in 2nd place in the industry, what a pity… I’ve always liked SM’s unique colors ㅠㅠ

10. This event will go down in K-pop history

11. I’m not a fan of SM, but I’m really disappointed with Lee Soo Man, the founder shouldn’t be doing this

12. It’s true that SM ended because of Lee Soo Man’s personal greed

13. Lee Soo Man always thought SM was his, and he chose to erase SM right after being purged

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