Nayeon was praised for her looks at her album release press conference

Nayeon’s album release press conference

1. She is seriously so pretty

2. She looks so fresh ㅜㅜ

3. I’m curious about her lipstick

4. Wow seriously so pretty

5. F*cking pretty

6. Her lips are so pretty

7. Peach human…

8. Hul, she’s so pretty. Her hair color is perfect

9. She is so cute and pretty

10. What lipstick color is that? Her lips are so pretty

11. The outfit is perfect for her ㅠ Why is she so pretty today?

12. Her smile is so bright, so refreshing..

13. Nayeon has always been pretty since her debut

14. The second photo from the bottom reminds me of Taylor Swift when she was young

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