Nayeon’s choreography this time is weird

Nayeon’s choreography this time is weird

1. It’s not like that on stage and this song is really good!

2. It would have been great if they just changed the hand position, but it’s a shame that they changed it ㅠㅠ

3. This part only appears in the MV, on stage it was changed to a different choreography and there is no choreography in the digital music~

4. I’m glad it wasn’t in the stage version. I think it would be better without it

5. There isn’t that dance on stage, right??

6. When I first saw the MV, I thought she would be criticized for this choreography

7. This is choreography that only lasts 1 second…

8. Her targets seem to be the US and Europe

9. Her fancam on Music Bank has been released, everyone please check it out~

10. It’s only in the MV~

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