NCT 127 with 85% ad views for YouTube MV is currently a hot topic

NCT 127 with 85% ad views for YouTube MV is currently a hot topic

Currently, about 60 million views out of 70 million are ad views

1. Wow, if only 8 million views.. How many albums did each fan buy?

2. Don’t they really have a lot of fans? Don’t the fans watch the music video?

3. They don’t have any charm even when I watch their stage, but they don’t seem to have many overseas fans

4. They have less overseas fans than I thought

5. I know that they run ads, but what’s the difference?? I was so surprised…

6. They sold 1.5 million copies in the first week, but their views are so low, don’t fans not watch their MV?

7. They are not as popular as I thought

8. You can’t believe the number of YouTube views these days

9. You mean they pay to buy views?

10. If you have money, you can buy fake popularity right now

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I told you in sm both NcT and aespa are pushed hard by sm. Sm does mediplay and buy tons of views for them


The sajaegi on their albums too… aespa isn’t that popular for 4 members to get 1 million sales
Their fan engagement on twitter is weak


mediaplaying 500k sales from just sk, when their song flopping


twitter is not the only social media out there u dumb blonk. but true they did sajaegi

But I wasn’t done

YouTube view aren’t how you measure popularity anymore. Concert ticket sales and album streams should be talked about more when it comes to popularity. Let YouTube die. It’s stupid

Queen B

Bts paved the way

But I wasn’t done

For every kpop group iktr

Queen B

for youtube ads and mediaplay


it should be music chart (k-chart) and international music platform like youtube music and spotify

Bring back discuss

Only about 8 million streams for the FIRST WEEK. No entry into Spotify top 200.
After all the promo NCT127 did in the US, does this mean their fans only like their faces?? 1.5m albums sold but worse streaming than 4th gen groups??!!!???

WhatsThe Point

Atp they should remove yt mv views as a criteria from all award shows and music shows if companies wanna try and boost views using ads unfairly


Youtube views have become obsolete after kpop groups all started aggressively using ads. We all know the album sales are bc of china bars and other fans mass buying. Like wtf do these ppl do wuth 500k albums.


There’s no way they only have 8million organic views. OP didn’t even include a legit source and ya’ll are eating it up ofc


it is VERY believable considering they cannot even hit 1 million likes with 75 million views??? stop being delusional.


It is very reliable the YouTube ranking chart they only use filtered views which means the views from ads Doesn’t count for the ranking. This means they only have 8 million organic views for that period

Bring back discuss

You are not very smart are you…

Youtube charts is the ONLY legitimate source and they remove views from ads for the chart


its from youtube mv chart u dumbass. go to youtube global chart




lamo,SM and JYPE and YG use ads..thats why so much difference in hybe vs those groups views,,hybe groups are organic


Soumu and pledis use ads tho


yg don’t use ads stupid hoe


They do, that’s why baby monster was in nj mv as an ad and blackpink view farming in bts’ mv


so many companies nowdays use ads to become relevant ,its so sad tbh

Kpoppers as usual

Lol this is disgusting sm needs to stop

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