NCT Dream was criticized for getting Daesang at the Seoul Music Awards

Seoul Music Awards Daesang – NCT DREAM

1. Please don’t hold Seoul Music Awards but make it ‘SM Music Awards’ and only that company can give and receive awards

2. Seriously, who are they?

3. What is their hit song?

4. If I were them, I’d be too embarrassed to hold the mic and talk there

5. I knew it was going to happen because it was SM

6. Crazy, SM Music Awards..

7. Next year it will be Aespaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. I’ve never heard their songs

9. I’m not even surprisedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. I don’t even know any NCT ​​Dream songs

11. Seriously, Candy isn’t even their song

12. 2023 Seoul Music Awards Daesang – Aespa, congratulations in advance~

13. But what is the difference between NCT and NCT Dream? Is it a completely different group?

14. Is this why you have to go to a big company?

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How they are not embarrassed 😂


Boa getting awards when she flops everywhere is the biggest joke for me lol

spicy spice

she really obsessed with ‘legend’ trophy thou. she got it while her songs are nowhere.

spicy spice

you know that award show was a whole comedy when they give GOT a trophy, a bonsang. lol.

SM really PAID their way.


SM is so shameless. They’re so consistent with the mediaplay with nct now because they want to show their investors that even if some of their groups are inactive, they can still be profitable. They gave nct dream (a/n: mark lee is in this group also!!! Wow) everything in 2022 – 3 albums and a movie. Imagine, having that and still be known for a remake of a song and no one knows them outside their fandom. The success of NCT feels so fake to people who are not nctzens.

Honestly it doesn’t help that NCT is unlikable either. The individuals are racist, colorist and fatphobic. It must be hard to be a gf stan of this group because they say things that indicate that they have a preference for skinny, white skinned people. My old nctzen friend told me that NCT is a group with more ao3 readers than people who know them.

Sm can mediaplay shamelessly by ‘paying’ the way but no media training for their idols. SM artists always the problematic ones.

Last edited 8 days ago by Dorothy

I wonder is there actually any kpop boygroup which not a single member has ever said/did anything racist/colour/fatphobic at all in their career lulz. whenever I go on youtube to check if a group is safe or not, I always get disappointed because why are there so many of them 😑 maybe I should just stan a very nugu grup

Mina is my name o

4*TOWN is your safest bet at this point.


They are shameless


SM took away all the relevance of these awards by buying the daesang for their flop groups, they didn’t make noise, people are not angry, they just make fun of who won. 


shameless flops 💀💀


They will give it to super M next year

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