NCT Mark’s fans shouted and cursed at Aespa Winter

NCT Mark’s fans shouted and cursed at Aespa Winter

Yesterday at the Polo event, when they saw Mark and Winter together, they shouted and cursed at Winter

I wish they knew that other people’s idols are also so precious

1. Poor Winter

2. A real fan would be embarrassed

3. The reason why I hate male idol fans

4. Is this the year 2024?

5. Are the kids mocking Mark here any different from them?

6. Mark must be so embarrassed, fans are making celebrities embarrassed

7. Did the two of them have a dating scandal? Even if that’s not the case, what happened?

8. I’m not surprised because it’s that fandom

9. That’s a long-standing tradition of SM’s male idol fandoms

10. They can’t even differentiate between work and private life???

11. Are all SM fandoms like that?

12. But are you sure fans were swearing at Winter? It seemed like they were fighting each other backstage and I wasn’t a fan of either one

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