NCT Tokyo confirms final members (7 members)

1st place: Riku
2nd place: Sakuya
3rd place: Daeyoung
4th place: Jungmin
5th place: Ryo
6th place: Anderson
7th place: Ryu

1. NCT Tokyo only promotes in Japan..??

2. So are these people NCT too..?

3. NCT’s worldview is too complicated

4. Is this NCT’s last unit?

5. How many Koreans are there? Three people?

6. As expected, it’s a group with 7 members. I like the 7-member group

7. I hope Tokyo is the last unit

8. I don’t know their skills because I haven’t seen them, but their faces are so handsome

9. Are there any Koreans there?

10. When I woke up, NCT had 7 more members

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