Netizens admire BLACKPINK Jisoo for her visuals and the way she treats her fans in Paris

Jisoo currently in Paris is insane

Today she’s in Paris to shoot for Dior Spa Cruise

Jisoo also held a mini fanmeeting with the fans and people said she was so kind and her looks were perfect

The Dior Spa Cruise

[+296, -68]

1. [+93, -8] But she’s always so nice to her fans. Even when she’s having a hard time or her condition is not good, she always smiles and greets the fans who come to her. She always smiles and treats everyone well, so I admire her

2. [+62, -11] She’s freaking pretty and her aura is so luxurious

3. [+54, -7] I’m so proud every time I see Koreans being loved and admired by foreigners

4. [+53, -11] Seriously, how can someone be this pretty?

5. [+50, -7] I think Jisoo is the prettiest with straight hair or tied hair

6. [+26, -1] In BLACKPINK, Jisoo is the prettiest

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Maybe jisoo’s skills are lacking here and there compared to her teammates, but she has good attitude. Keep that up, girl. Good attitude will make you survive longer as a celebrity. Don’t try to be like your certain teammate that has shitty attitude, kay? Keep working hard, always try to improve yourself, keep that good attitude of yours.


Agree. Just if her fans attitudes a bit better and not barbaric, she will be more likeable.


She more classy than Jennie that’s for sure



admin cuck

what a plain looking girl that admin for some reason always hypes up

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