Netizens are amazed at the results of 4th generation girl groups on chart over time

4th generation girl groups’ results on chart over time

1. IVE – After Like
2. NewJeans – Attention
3. ITZY – Sneakers
4. LE SSERAFIM – Fearless
6. Aespa – Girls

1. I think IVE is a big hit, but NewJeans is a big hit too

2. I love all 4th generation girl groups

3. IVE is seriously crazy

4. The person who said why is there no NMIXX is really mean

5. Seems like the agencies only focus on 4th generation girl groups

6. It’s good that all 4th generation idols are booming in their golden age

7. Aespa’s score is not as good as I thought

8. I like all the songs

9. I can’t imagine that Aespa is the worst here

10. NewJeans is amazing

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