Netizens are confused after fromis_9 beat BTS and Nayeon to get #1 on Music Core today

1st place on Music Core today


1. Music charts are really meaningless these days, I’ve never heard of their song

2. Where did they get the points for this song?

3. I can’t even see their songs on the music charts, their #1 is meaningless…..

4. Well, their fans did so well

5. Seeing things like this, I really wonder how Kang Daniel did itㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Wow… their fandom seems strong

7. I’m really curious, but how did they get the 1st place?

8. The only song that didn’t enter the chart among the nominations

9. Who are they to have their album scores so high???

10. This is my first time seeing the name of their song…

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Hybe pulling strings wbk


Hybe? On Music Core?? Where they are banned?


no shade but aren’t they embarrassed? 😕 but anyways, congrats to nayeon and bts for actually charting on korea’s music charts

Jon Xina


The group is a laughing stock lol.


bugs mass download is a problem.


music shows wins are meaningless when the success is already proven otherwise with other charts. I would rather they have ORGANIC success even if it means no wins


the gag is that their song is best of the 3 nominated 🤣

Why so Serious?

Lmao you can say it rigged when its first time
but they are beating nayeon for the third time now in different Music shows to booth
Reason ? because Flover and Fromiss_9 is more desperate for win as simple as that
because music shows win = fandom efforts and how they adapt to every channel win criteria

And for anyone that saying win in the music shows is meaningless , so why idol cries when they are wining music shows if it meaningless ? even twice

seeing this month brand reputation i guess it also take positive effect seeing Fromis_9 take third place after Blackpink and IVE


Anyway, congrats to Na Yeon winning on Inkigayo for “Pop.” She did it and she’s charting. 😌 She got a much deserved win.

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