Netizens are confused after TWS ‘plot twist’ surpasses Taeyeon to rank 2nd on Melon Hot 100

TWS ‘plot twist’ climbed to No. 2 on Melon Hot 100

1. I thought IU would be #1 until her next song came out, but I guess not…

2. No, who are these people?

3. I like this song… It appeared on YouTube and I listened to it too

4. This is my first time seeing a rookie group like this

5. IU is next?

6. They defeated Taeyeon

7. Can they surpass IU?

8. I know IU and Taeyeon, but this is my first time hearing about TWS…

9. It’s IU, TWS, and Taeyeon. This is truly a comedy

10. I hope that TWS gets even better

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