Netizens are confused by LE SSERAFIM’s group photos

LE SSERAFIM group photos

1. The photo quality is so bad

2. The school violence member is the center so I guess that’s why they didn’t kick her out of the group

3. I really don’t know what their concept is.. It’s a mess

4. I just don’t know what the concept is… Their faces are pretty, but I don’t like these photos

5. Crazy, they’re composite photos.. They don’t look good together

6. Kazuha is so charming

7. But the faces don’t match well, it’s like they’re gathering the members of each group and performing a year-end special stage

8. Those are composite photos, so they look awkward… What the hell is their agency doing?

9. In the first photo, what is Yunjin’s outfit and pose? I wonder is it an idol??

10. The combination of faces doesn’t seem to match

11. Kazuha? When I see her in the group photos, she’s so chic and pretty

12. I don’t like this concept

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