Netizens are confused by the top 10 most handsome Korean idols in 2022

Top 10 most handsome Korean idols in 2022

10 – Seventeen Mingyu

9 – Cha Eunwoo

8 – NCT Taeyong

7 – BTS Jimin

6 – SF9 Zuho

5 – Wonho

4 – Stray Kids Bang Chan

3 – BTS Jungkook

2 – BTS V

1 – Stray Kids Hyunjin

[+25, -145]

1. [+138, -6] It has no credibility unless Cha Eunwoo is #1

2. [+110, -4] Bang Si Hyuk can also get 3rd place

3. [+110, -2] Jungkook grew up well, he’s so handsome

4. [+61, -19] It’s ridiculous that the school bully is #1, why is Jimin there?ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+40, -8] I’m sick of seeing Bang Chan in 4th place

6. [+38, -12] Hyunjin, Jimin????????ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+25, -3] Cha Eunwoo should be #1, Hyunjin?ㅋㅋ They should get rid of Jimin

8. [+24, -3] Why is Cha Eunwoo in 9th place?

9. [+17, -5] Why is Jimin’s ranking higher than Cha Eunwoo’s?

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these fvcking knetz are all salty asf LMAOO


Theyre not salty they just know most of these are fan voted and hold no credibility.


People really love to support a bully until they get bullied.


Funny, considering that Hyunjin was PROVEN to be completely innocent and only took the hiatus time because he was truly worried he may have intentionally hurt someone and wanted to make sure he hadn’t. Oh, but apparently it’s ok to bully a innocent person. Got it.


Do you even know what the their accusation ACTUALLY boiled down to? ONE SINGLE CLASS WIDE ARGUMENT OVER SHUTTING A DOOR. Which is quite literally the most ridiculous thing I have heard when it comes to one of these bullying accusations yet. There’s ZERO chance that they were confused over a definition, or because they had their feelings hurt. There’s no way what happened could EVER be considered bullying. If so, we have bullied everyone who we have ever disagreed with or weren’t close to.

The only thing I can think of for them to do what they did, and faulsy assure him of such a thing. Is that Kingdom had just began, and they wanted to try and cause them to fail because they were a fan of a competing group… Which it turns out they WERE a fan of a competing group.

However you would know all of this is you didn’t just hate Stray Kids and also want to see them fail. So you decided to just be a bully yourself, and accuse him of a crime he certainly did not commit. And now that I have accused you of being a bully, how about I call your boss, your friends, your school, the local newspaper and tell them you are indeed guilty. In fact I should start some hate pages and even get your government involved. Sound good to you?

Facts are facts, he is innocent. South Korea has a 99.5% conviction rate. You aren’t “innocent until proven guilty”, just guilty. Yet he was still found innocent, and here you are… Condemning him as guilty with absolutely no case to back it up. So why shouldn’t I put upon you the same fair treatment you hold for him? Specially when it can obviously happen to anyone. Even the nicest and sweetest of people. Something which you certainly are not.

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I’m not reading all of that. Please log off rn


This ranking is a joke. They even put Lisa and Chaeryoung so high 😭 at least be objective…


And you are pressed over this ”joke” ranking.💀


It’s more looks like popularity ranking than beauty. Cause if beauty was the criteria then Irene should also have been present. And why there were only 3 members of twice in it. Sorry but they should just name them popularity ranking atp and also tc calendar has really lost its credibility so no one even talks about it nowadays.


Theyre not hideous though. Hyunjin and BANGCHAN are hideous.


Bang Chan’s a whole jumpscare and no amount of plastic surgery is going to make Hyunjin The Bully redeemable.

Henecia Amino

Jealous 🤣. Y’all wanna believe he had extensive plastic surgery so bad.


He literally got a jaw shave stop being delusional.

Just my opinion

Idk about anyone, but in my opinion, jimin is both handsome/pretty and atractive. But, I do agree cha eunwoo could be higher although he’s like a typical handsome man that everyone like, but I see him ‘just handsome’. May be my taste not like everyone in the comments 😂😅
And why people even mad over visual ranking tho?


Eunwoo is clasically handsome but hes boring af


not going to lie…. I am a fan (even tho im sure many people won’t believe me) but I’m going to be honest I do know his talents dancing and singing skills is just average nothing phenomenal so we all know he is so so popular is just because of his face but that being said, he really is so handsome I can’t help it 😅


Agree, he aleays looks like there is nothing behind those eyes but compared to stray kids members he is 1000x better looking and with better personality.


1000x better looking than skz? Now that’s going too far 💀 Lee know can outvisual him any day lmao

Last edited 1 month ago by Mana

Lol in what universe?


In any universe clearly, this site is skz anti to even see it so 🤷‍♀️

Last edited 1 month ago by Mana

Aren’t you lying too easily? Even if you love your favs too much we know that Hyunjin has a way higher level of visuals than that Lee Know guy… crazy hahahahahah


Boring? that’s what i thought before but when i watched his vlives with astro he is such a, adorable dork.


I think that shows nowadays international fans really like Straykids members… seems stray kids has solid foreign fanbase.

Last edited 1 month ago by Guest

Stray kids fans not international fans


This is a fan voted popularity vote. None of these fandoms even know about it which is why Stray Kids fans mass voted.


Jimin is absolutely gorgeous thankyou very much and I will choose him over eunwoo anyday


Same. Eunwoo lacks aura which makes him an empty vessel.


Eunwoo should have switched places with Hyunjin

Henecia Amino

Eunwoo is not handsome. He’s an average looking Korean man. Trying to convince people he’s better looking than Hyunjin is very dumb.

Karina rocket puncher

Henecia give ur mom ur phone baby screen time is up


woah I am a stray as well but I’m going to be honest.. Eunwoo is more handsome….realistically…but I can say Hyunjin more talented….but Eunwoo is… indeed more handsome…..


Hyunjin literally cannot sing cannot rap cannot dance there are literal videos of him not doing any of these things well.


He very much can do all of the above wtf are you even talking about


are you really a stay? If you find Eun-woo prettier then that’s you cuz I’m gonna pick hyunjin any day. He is indeed more pretty and handsome.


Eunwoo is the idol standard… be for real


Bffr hyunjin? Without makeup and ohotoship is NOT better looking than eunwoo and i am not even an eunwoo fan


Get better eyes cuz he is pretty without makeup or anything. Y’all just mad atp


Dumb. People don’t need convincing they’ve got minds of their own.


I agree, jimin should not be here since he is ugly


He’s better than your crush


Truth-see my long reply 🙂


Jimin is GORGEOUS up close, his eyes + smile in concert 2x (Global artists sketch/paint/ sculpt his handsomeface + paintins hang in The Louvre. Paris, Seoul Museum, etc) ,+ an amazing voice + great body > his 4 Martial Arts/2 Black Belts + Boxing + #1 Contemp./Bal-let + winning many Teen Freestyle Poppin’/Hip-Hop Dance Battles + Competitions + doing crazy Acrobatics did him good to become: #1 Idol Dancer-4 yrs any style, etc! Add IQ=128 + #1 Academics- Maths, Chemistry, Sciences, Robotics, Art +Poetry + loving + humble make him even more GORGEOUS, inside + out!! So, random haters or toxic Taekookers?? won’t change that he’s beautiful + magic on stage!!🔥


And you unable to rank anywhere because of your ugly lizard ass looking face that got even the dolphins ROFLING at that fat ass face you hide behind your screen


jimin and bangchan are a jumspcare




Jimin is more pretty than he is handsome tbh


lbr he is not even pretty since 2017 😭 his looks are only salvageable with tons of make-up and editing skills


He’s Gorgeous, espec. in Vlives w/o make-up + RUN episodes dunked w/water -See my long reply to: placeboos


It should be Jin in the place Of jimin


Jimin got hoes mad. We love to see it


Man is ugly af so yea


We don’t take opinions from dirty pussy hoes. You couldn’t pull Jimin even if he wasn’t destroying your faves on the charts. Bat faced ass bitch.


That doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t look good, he really needs a lot of makeup and sometimes even edition to look half decent 🤷🏻‍♀️


??See my replies to placeboos + nono…


Stupid ass bitch we’ve seen him with no make up. Rather no matter how much make up you put on, you’ll always be the biggest fucked up looking person to exist even with all of that cakey ass foundation could you not hide your genetically unpleasant facial features


UGH seeing that bully’s face anywhere really makes me sick. How tf does he have a career still? And the worse thing? He bullies girls. He can’t even freaking pick a fight with his own size, he picks on girls. He even apologized for it because frankly, he did it. Like what the heck is not clicking with Stray Kids fans???

Further, his fellow group mate Han is also a racist. Thinking he’s edgy with his rap calling SEA people negro migrant workers. And before you stays say, he’s young so he’s irresponsible, how many of you made racist raps with n word huh? This group is full of delinquents.

Henecia Amino

Are you dumb or sumn? He didn’t “pick on girls” he insulted a girl. Girls loved him. They still do.

Karina rocket puncher

12 horny stays don’t use girls




Hun, do you think BTS or Hybe need to spread rumors about Stray Kids to what, destroy them? There’s nothing to destroy lol. Stray Kids is so flop and so beneath BTS there’s no reason for that. Can’t even enter Top100 on Melon ffs lmao. Also, the only reason your boy Hyunjin can still promote is because they’re so nugu, nobody cares about them lol.






free kpop stans from fan voted “awards” 😪

Henecia Amino

It’s not fan voted eejit 🤣


Jimin v and Jungkook they deserve the top 3. Aslo these are obviously not knetz lmao they’re just bitter kpopies from k-side 💀


it’s a visual ranking not jumpscare ranking 💀


Of course not, you would have won if it were.🥇


Be serious


“Aslo these are obviously not knetz lmao they’re just bitter kpopies from k-side”

that’s always what these translations are though? Do you think the average person cares what idols are doing?


Crazy how they support a bully who bullied women and than bangchan the guy that his own fans make fun of smh trash rankings

spicy spice

lol. the difference between knetz and this site’s comments..

u guys are funny asf


This ranking should never been taken seriously in the first place


Honestly Eunwoo’s visual is not really for everyone’s taste globally . Like not everyone wants a fair pale skin innocent looking flower type of boy




more like the twinkiest


None of us think Hyunjin and BANGCHAN are handsome. They are literal jumpscares. Hyunjin got a jaw shave too.


relax I’m not even a stray kids’ fan 😧 do you guys think I’m a Stay 😭


Speak for yourself


Cha eunwoo is among the most boring idol. no talent whatsoever. Yall will ride his dick anyway so🤷


HE IS THE NUMBER 1 SINGER WTF your talking about you jealous hoe


He must be talking about his idol lmao


Like I’m gonna be for real, he has no personality whatsoever and the only thing people do is follow his face and ride on his dick all day. I don’t understand the hype lololol


I always find it weird the “handsome face” thing like how do you even measure that….. everyone look at people differently…


Because its all about voting
If the fandom care, then your idol is listed


Are people seriously getting angry over a ranking which has
no credibility whatsoever? Also, what’s up with all the hatred towards Jimin in the comments? I know they are antis or akgaes, but it seems like this post gathered them more than usual.
Jimin is not your traditionally handsome type of man. He’s an extremely charming individual and very unique. His special features makes him very attractive to a lot of people.


jimin is called beautiful by men & women around the world.korea’s boring & flavorless beauty standards can’t function beautiful ppl who are out of that standard so always try to make flaws out of few months ago when they were mocking taehyung’s looks.FUCKIN KIM TAEHYUNG they’re a joke.
this list is not sth you pop veins over but there are ppl on the list,that the biggest or even only pillar of their career is being handsome.they would be nothing if they aren’t chosen’s funny but yea a stupid beauty list seems some pretty serious business for some fans.


Jimin up close is soo handsome..See my long reply to: placeboos. :)-


Jimin is actually soo handsome up close (2 concerts), can’t take your eyes of him!- See my long reply to: placeboos. These negative comments strangely (??) match with many toxic Taekookers’ hate comments to drag gorgeous Jimin.


cha eunwoo should be at least in the top 10 on this list. placed him that low is ridiculous


Not y’all bringing up the bully accusations when it was already proven false. I won’t have any power here since clearly everyone is skz anti here but Hyunjin and Chan look hideous???? Bffr they are clearly gorgeous af with or without makeup. If you find some other idol prettier than them then go ahead people have preferences after all but saying they don’t deserve their ranking and look ugly is going way too far 💀 cuz they clearly are beautiful. Get better eyes cuz everyone on this list is beautiful and they don’t need your ugly ass.


Everyone knows it’s a popularity contest nothing else, hyunjin in first? Yeahhhhhh


Huh? Popularity contest? More like who can bot the most contest lololol stays once again caught cheating voting a few days ago for the global votes for daesang

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