Netizens are criticizing because BLACKPINK’s concert tickets are too expensive

BLACKPINK concert ticket price is 264,000 won for the most expensive seat

Platinum Pink: 264,000 won
BLINK Plus: 176,000 won
BLINK Standard: 154,000 won

1. It’s really expensive

2. It’s really bad. This is my first time seeing that price for a Korean singer’s concert.. YG has no money?

3. But the quality of BLACKPINK concert is crazy

4. I like BLACKPINK’s songs, so I want to go to their concert…. I expected about 110,000 won, but 150,000 won is too expensive

5. Taylor Swift doesn’t even have 150,000 won per ticket on the 3rd floor

6. Of course the fans will go, but it’s too expensive

7. It’s really expensive, I can’t go to the concert because I don’t have any money

8. BLACKPINK will make a lot of money, they only have 4 members

9. Now, other companies will increase the price of the concert, BLACKPINK is setting a bad precedent

10. These days, concert tickets are getting too expensive

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