Netizens are disappointed after seeing partners, sponsors of BTS’ 10th anniversary Festa

A collection of partners, sponsors of BTS’ 10th anniversary Festa that seems to be on a grand scale

List of partners

Conrad Seoul

Lotte Cinema




Seoul city


The new song will be released at 1pm on June 9

1. Since when did Festa become the day for companies to sell goods? It’s annoying because the meaning of Festa has changed

2. Looks like those companies use Festa for business, not for sponsorship

3. This is my first time seeing a large scale festival like this for an idol group’s 10th anniversary, what’s the problem?? I heard that there will be a lot of people coming from abroad

4. It feels different than before

5. Looking at the scale, BTS is amazing

6. Festa has now become a city festival

7. I just think that BTS is amazing

8. Isn’t it a festival with ARMYs? What are the benefits for ARMYs only? The 10th Anniversary Festa seems to be the day for ARMYs to spend money

9. You guys can enjoy Festa without spending money, so why are you angry?

10. Since most events take place in Seoul, I should just enjoy Festa

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I speak facts

Here they go as always never satisfied 🙄.. no one is making you spend your own damn money! It’s BTS’s 10th fcking anniversary be grateful the city is even holding festivities to celebrate and of course to make money its called BUSINESS you idiots. While the rest of us outside Korea will be watching from afar…ungrateful pricks

I speak facts

There’s going to be FREE content coming out as per usual! y’all must be new fans 🙄


Sounds more like jealous antis, tbh. What fan is going to be upset to have a capital city turn up to celebrate their favs? Are they suggesting they would rather have the fans pay for it all (bc that’s where Hybe gets their money)?


some karmys are annoying. hybe is doing the same thing they did with permission to dance in last vegas & armys had a blast. it’s their 10th anniversary, of course it needs to be treated like a big event, I’m glad armys are calling out karmys bs because they be the ones giving money to ugly fansites that don’t benefit bts & aren’t getting pay.

Last edited 3 months ago by yup.
Teenaged puppy

Karmas have been sabotaging bts for years with iarmys blessing so why are we still shocked that theyre still the same


Iarmy? Yall are just same lol. Cant even support bts solo equally and even licking hybe ass when they are sabotaging bts solo


Lol. IArmy think they are superior than karmy when they are just same lol


I’m actually even more excited bc having big sponsors means this FESTA is going to be MASSIVE and that kind of energy tends to generate more community participation to make things even more festive. Just like how a lot of smaller or local businesses did special BTS-themed events/products/promotions bc of how big Borahaegas got. I’m so jealous of ARMY that are able to go.

And bc of the large engagement that’ll likely attract an even larger engagement, it’ll be easy for anyone to have a fun time with this without putting so much pressure on their wallets.

WhatsThe Point

Y’all are never satisfied. Be glad we’re getting some celebration this year


The bar yall set for this comp is so low lol


Always dckriding karmys 🥴🥴🥴😭 they’re not gonna fkc you btw


Nahh this actually show how massive BTS are n having whole city celebrating. Thats huge. I am guessing this is just mantis n solo stans.


it’s mantis in the kr side, they’re loud while the sane ones can’t outnumbered them


k armys need to be so astronomically serious cause I know damn well yall didn’t think a celebration on the scale of a festival AND a whole city turning purple would come without sponsors 🙄


always complaining about something but when it comes to streaming and moving for the tannies lately they suddenly get all quiet and nobody can get a hold of them…. interesting


Comment #9 gets it. You are not being forced to spend money. So much noise over nothing. Knetz are weird af.

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