Netizens are disappointed with ’37th Golden Disc Awards’ for being held in Thailand

’37th Golden Disc Awards’ will be held in Thailand on January 7, 2023

1. Why do they hold awards ceremonies overseas?

2. Just do it in Korea

3. Thailandㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why do they keep trying to hold domestic music award ceremonies overseas?

4. Why??? It’s not even MAMA but the Korean award ceremony

5. I bet there is no country that takes care of overseas fans like Korea

6. It’s the Korean awards ceremony, so why do they keep holding it overseas?

7. If it’s the Korean awards ceremony, just do it in Korea;

8. We need to make overseas fans come to Korea to watch the awards ceremony. What the hell is this?

9. What the hell are they doing? Just do it in Korea and sell tickets to foreign fans!

10. They only care about money

11. It’s weird, just do it in Korea

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