Netizens are disappointed with BLACKPINK Jennie’s goods

Jennie’s goods are totally disappointing

There’s a lot of demand for Sailor Moon author’s works, but what’s the best they could do with those goods?… Isn’t this just a scam? And the prices are crazy too

1. Ruining that concept like this is not easy, but YG is seriously amazing

2. They seriously have no sincerity, they just copy and paste themㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. That t-shirt is so funny, what is that ugly square?

4. Wow but that really is insincere

5. I remember YG always has good goods but why is it like this this time?

6. 65,000 won… This is ridiculous

7. 65,000 won is too much…..

8. Wow, they really have no sincerity…

9. Those cases are 65,000won…?

10. I really don’t want to buy them

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