Netizens are disappointed with BTS’ solo concert in Busan

BTS confirmed to hold a solo concert in Busan

BTS will hold a global concert in Busan in October

The city of Busan is currently considering the Bukhang Port, or the Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium as the venue for the October concert

1. This is why infrastructure is so important ㅠㅠ I really want BTS to hold their concert in Busan, so I’m grateful that BTS promotes Busan, but the scale is disappointing ㅠㅠ

2. Are you a fan or are you pretending to be a fan?.. BTS do it because they want to do it with good intentions, stop treating them like kids

3. 4500 seats? Are you kidding me?

4. I just hope that Busan isn’t using BTS for their gains while putting in the least amount of effort

5. I can’t go to Busan anyway, so I hope they hold a concert in Seoul

6. Please let the concert be in the biggest possible venue

7. If you’re going to do it, do it the right way

8. If they invited BTS to Busan for such an important project, can’t they give them a decent venue to perform in?

9. The BTS members don’t seem to think much of it, but why are the fans angry?

10. That’s why I hate BTS being used for politics

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knetz just realizing they have to fight for tickets lmao


4500? is this real or just a typo because that’s waaaaay too small
and isn’t there a staium on busan, bts held muster there


Stadiums are overrated, you can’t even see them properly. Fans should be thrilled BTS are willing to hold small concert. Those are true diamond tickets.

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