Netizens are disappointed with BTS’s new album concept photos (Proof ver.)

BTS’s new album concept photos (Proof ver.)

1. I feel like they’re not spending money these days when I think of the male idols’ teasers in HYBE

2. The clothes don’t suit the summer and the photos don’t suit the summer.. Something like the rappers of the 1990s? Is retro a concept?

3. Anyway, V’s visuals are amazing

4. Their faces save everything. What is HYBE doing with the money BTS makes?

5. I thought it was great, but I was surprised when I saw the comments

6. They are well dressed, but why do they look so short in those photos?;;

7. Wow, I’m not the only one who’s confused when I see the photos… The quality is a bit disappointing

8. Wow, these days, every comment on BTS posts is stuffy

9. Jungkook looks like a game character ㅠㅠ Look at his face

10. Uh.. The quality is lower than I expected

11. Seriously, why is HYBE like that?

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