Netizens are disappointed with ITZY’s new song ‘CAKE’ performance on Melon and Genie daily charts

ITZY’s new song ‘CAKE’ on Melon and Genie daily charts

#132 on Melon

#103 on Genie

1. ITZY sing live so well and are idols with good skills, but the song is… I can’t listen to their song ㅠㅠ

2. ITZY’s song hasn’t changed after 2019

3. I just listened to it and it’s not good

4. The song is really bad

5. Their songs seem to be getting worse and worse

6. But I love this song

7. It’s addictive though…

8. I feel sorry for JYP singers… JYP should choose good songs for them

9. I feel like the company itself can’t find the answer in planning..

10. The song is a bit boring

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