Netizens are disappointed with LE SSERAFIM “EASY” Official MV


1. I like LE SSERAFIM the most among female idols, but this song is really bad.. The underwear is also bad

2. This song is not good

3. Why is this song so boring?

4. The acting is good but the song is boring

5. The MV is good and the song is good but it feels like a b-side song

6. I can’t really hear what the lyrics are saying…

7. Are they targeting overseas? It sounds like a pop song

8. Kazuha’s voice is amazing…so good

9. I really like Yunjin and Chaewon

10. It’s like a b-side song

11. Chaewon dances so well

12. I can’t hear any of the lyrics… aren’t they in English…?

13. When I listen to this song, I think of NewJeans

14. Am I the only one who can’t hear the lyrics?

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