Netizens are disappointed with NewJeans Hanni’s styling for the Gucci Show at 2024 Milan Fashion Week

NewJeans Hanni attends the Gucci Show at 2024 Milan Fashion Week in real time

1. I couldn’t see her face clearly because of her hair

2. Gucci doesn’t suit her

3. Her smile is so beautiful

4. Hanni is pretty but doesn’t suit Gucci…ㅠㅠ

5. She’s pretty, but I guess everyone has the image they want of Hanni. I’m not a fan, she’s just pretty

6. She looked like a kid wearing her mother’s clothes… She couldn’t digest that outfit

7. Hanni is pretty on the NewJeans stage but I guess she doesn’t suit Gucci

8. No, she doesn’t suit Gucci… I think they don’t suit Gucci’s Korean female ambassadors, both IU and Hanni

9. She looks like a kid playing in her mother’s clothes, handbag and shoes

10. I just don’t think she’s suitable for Gucci

11. Am I the only one who thinks she’s pretty?

12. The clothes are nice but the hair is the worst

13. She doesn’t suit Gucci at all

14. It seems like she’s wearing clothes that highlight her body’s flaws

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