Netizens are disappointed with the ranking of TWICE’s new song ‘ONE SPARK’ on the Melon chart

TWICE’s new song ‘ONE SPARK’ on the Melon chart

It still hasn’t made it into the TOP 100

#114 on the daily chart

1. Nowadays, it seems like they only do overseas tours

2. But it’s interesting, I listened to it on TikTok and the song is so good

3. It seems like they no longer have addictive songs like before, I miss those songs so much

4. The MV doesn’t look like the title song’s MV but more like the b-side song’s MV

5. The song is so good, I will listen to it often

6. From my perspective as an ONCE, I don’t even care, I’m just grateful that the album came out

7. They said they don’t even promote it

8. The song isn’t very good and it seems like the company doesn’t care much

9. I’m no longer curious about their new song

10. I didn’t even know it was out. Don’t they promote it?

11. JYP didn’t even promote it…

12. How did a top group’s performance decline so miserably?

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