Netizens are divided about BLACKPINK x Takashi Murakami collaboration merchandise

BLACKPINK x Takashi Murakami collaboration merchandise photos

1. Image of atomic bomb..?;;

2. Wow, the first time I realized this when I saw the comment, I was shocked because that flower character was an atomic bomb

3. I don’t buy it

4. I want to buy the bag and keychain

5. Did he work with NewJeans at almost the same time as BLACKPINK?

6. BLACKPINK has their own unique colors so it seems like a good collaboration

7. I don’t even want to go to BLACKPINK’s concert but just want to buy a lightstick because it’s pretty

8. The keychain is so cute

9. Everything is so pretty, the lightstick is so cute

10. Lightstick is crazy

11. Where will you buy it? Weverse Shop?

12. Wow, I need to buy something, I need to buy a lightstick and a black t-shirt

13. I’m not a fan of BLACKPINK, so why would I want it?

14. That flower symbolizes the atomic bomb, so it indirectly conveys the message that Japan is also a victim of war

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