Netizens are divided about LE SSERAFIM ‘DAY OFF Season 4’ being filmed in Japan

LE SSERAFIM, ‘DAY OFF Season 4’ will release on May 1… ‘Travel story in a rural village in Japan’

“LE SSERAFIM will release their own content ‘DAY OFF Season 4’ on the 1st of next month… ‘Travel story in a rural village in Japan'”

LE SSERAFIM ‘DAY OFF Season 4’ will be released on May 1 as an entertainment program about Japanese village travel on YouTube

HYBE seems to love Japan so much

1. I filmed this show while promoting in Japan, so why are you guys mad?

2. The responses in Japan are so good and there are two Japanese members, so what’s the problem?

3. Season 1 Seoul, Season 2 Jeju Island, Season 3 Gapyeong, Season 4 Japan. What’s the problem?

4. HYBE really likes Japan

5. The comments are too harsh. I feel sorry for LE SSERAFIM

6. It’s just the wrong timing… They also filmed in America, so what’s the problem with filming in Japan when they have two Japanese members…?

7. Nowadays there are many Koreans traveling to Japan, so why are you criticizing LE SSERAFIM?

8. We all know that Koreans are traveling to Japan, but you’re criticizing them?

9. Do you have to criticize things like this?

10. There are so many idols traveling to Japan, so why are they making such a fuss about a group that includes Japanese people?

11. Please practice singing

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