Netizens are divided about LE SSERAFIM ‘Smart’ stage on the Jennifer Hudson Show

LE SSERAFIM ‘Smart’ stage (Jennifer Hudson Show)

1. Why did they sing that song?… And it’s a shame that the group that caused controversy over their singing skills was introduced as the hottest group in K-Pop

2. The stage is beautiful, the costumes are also beautiful

3. The engineer’s skills are so good.. This is why I don’t like Live AR. They lip sync but pretend to sing live

4. Why did they sing the plagiarized song?

5. Their image has been ruined

6. Stop embarrassing the country with plagiarized songs

7. I thought they did so well, but I was surprised when I saw the comments… Why are you criticizing them??

8. I love this song, I listened to it for the first time recently and it’s addictive

9. They are doing so well. They are getting good responses in the US

10. Isn’t it just like lip syncing? I also don’t think Americans would consider them talented singers

11. I heard that it was filmed between the first and second weeks of Coachella

12. How much do their engineers get paid?

13. If it was a live performance, there’s no way the Coachella stage would be like that

14. Is it lip-syncing?

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