Netizens are divided about NewJeans Hanni with blonde hair at the Gucci show

Hanni with blonde hair at the Gucci show posted on NewJeans’ Instagram

1. She’s so pretty

2. Hanni looks so pretty with blonde hair

3. She looks so cool;

4. Wow, her blonde hair is crazy

5. Hanni looks better with black hair

6. Blonde hair doesn’t suit her….

7. She’s pretty but Hanni and Gucci don’t get along very well

8. She’s pretty, but she doesn’t look like a celebrity, she looks like an influencer

9. It’s a wig but it looks so natural

10. She’s a hot girl

11. I think black hair suits her better

12. It looks like a wig

13. She’s really a hot girl

14. She’s cool, looks like a famous, cute, stylish and trendy influencer in the US

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