Netizens are divided about Suzy at the press conference for Netflix drama “Doona!”

Suzy at the press conference for Netflix drama “Doona!”

1. Goddess Suzy is so pretty

2. She dyed her hair black again~ So pretty

3. The styling is disappointing… Suzy is much prettier in the vlog

4. No, what are those high heels? Suzy is so pretty, but those high heels don’t suit her

5. She’s prettier without makeup

6. She has a cold beauty, Suzy is so pretty today

7. Suzy is pretty but why is her styling like that?

8. The dress looks weird, the pose looks weird, and the heels are weird

9. It’s true that the thing that disappoints me the most about Suzy is her style, but she’s seriously pretty

10. Suzy is pretty but the styling is disappointing, but Suzy is amazing

11. All I can see is Suzy’s face

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