Netizens are divided after BTS’ Jin responds to military exemption concerns

BTS Jin “Military service, entrust it to the company.. What the company has to say is as good as my say”

At the press conference on April 9, Jin said, “I talked a lot with the company about military service. I talked about how I would entrust it to the company as much as possible. I believe what the company has to say is as good as my say”

1. Jin never said he wouldn’t enlist, but the future of the group depends on his words so he doesn’t talk much about it. Don’t ask him, just talk to the company

2. During press conferences, they always ignore important issues such as the album, the United Nations and ask questions about military service first.. BTS must be so tired

3. But it depends on his decision, is he saying he won’t enlist? It’s not like he doesn’t understand, it’s his choice

4. I understand why Jin said that, how can he decide BTS’s military service alone? BTS’ future depends on his words

5. If they want to join the army, who will stop them? Just enlist and everything will be over

6. He was born in 1992, but he hasn’t enlisted yet, isn’t he waiting for his military service exemption??

7. I really like Jin, but I wish he could enlist…

8. No, it’s been 5 years since BTS’ military service exemption made the headlines

9. I’m not a fan of BTS, but I want them to be exempt from military service.. I’m sure it will help the national economy and improve the country’s prestige

10. He was born in 1992, but he hasn’t enlisted yet… They are waiting for the government’s decision??? What is this?

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