Netizens are divided after LE SSERAFIM reveals video and photos of first member ‘Sakura’


1. Wow she’s so f*cking pretty

2. There’s something weird about her face… Especially the first photo

3. Did she lose a lot of weight?

4. Is that Sakura??? I really can’t recognize her, I think it’s because of her makeup and editing, she looks better

5. Those are the best photos of Sakura I’ve seen, but the video is a bit old

6. Wow, the Korean style suits her so well.. I’m looking forward to this girl group

7. HYBE has a lot of problems… I know it’s Bang Si Hyuk’s dream, but he’s always associated with the right wing…

8. Is this a sexy concept? Sakura is the prettiest when she’s a K-Pop idol

9. Wow it’s a video from the 2000s…It’s outdated

10. Did she lose weight? She looks like a different person

11. She looks like a Japanese actress in those photos

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