Netizens are divided over Bang Si Hyuk standing with BTS on the cover of Time magazine

BTS x Bang Si Hyuk high definition photos for Time magazine

(2022) 100 Most Influential Companies

Time magazine ‘HYBE’ 100 most influential companies in the world

1. BTS members are all handsome when they wear suits!!!

2. They are all handsome, but when I make eye contact with Bang Si Hyuk in the second photo, I feel like I have to work overtime…

3. I don’t like male idols with long hair, but long hair suits Jin so well ㅠㅠ He looks like an actor

4. I feel more comfortable with this one

5. HYBE became one of the 100 most influential companies in the world thanks to BTS, and BTS made the cover more perfect. If you were the editor of Time magazine, would you publish an article without BTS? You are so stupid

6. Just because you’re a fan of BTS doesn’t mean you have the right to mock Bang Si Hyuk.. They look so good together

7. Why are there so many comments mocking Bang Si Hyuk under this post?

8. Jungkook’s perspective is so awkward, I want to see his handsome face up close. The layout is not very good

9. Bang Si Hyuk has lost a lot of weight

10. V’s facial features are amazing, I envy him

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