Netizens are divided over BLACKPINK Jisoo signing a contract with her brother’s agency Blissoo

[Exclusive] BLACKPINK Jisoo holds her brother’s hand… A new leap in ‘entertainment business’

Jisoo has signed on with her brother’s agency Blissoo. Blissoo is a spinoff entertainment startup under Biomom, Inc., where Jisoo’s brother is the CEO

1. Her brother’s company is said to be doing well, but I don’t know if he is doing well in the entertainment industry or not

2. Jisoo fighting~ ~!

3. It seems better than YG

4. She’s Jisoo, I’m sure she can live well on her own

5. Even if I were Jisoo, I would still choose a family company~ Anyway, BLACKPINK still promotes with YG

6. I want her to join an acting company

7. Anyway, it’s better than YG which has a bad image

8. As expected, she left for the money, joining the family company immediately, as if she had been waiting for a long time

9. Now I don’t know where Rosé and Lisa will go, I think Lisa will sign with an overseas company, please let me know quickly

10. But no matter what, I think he will do better than YG

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