Netizens are divided over BTS challenging the Grammys again

BTS, Grammy next year…. Challenge again

As reported by the US pop music industry on the 26th, at the 65th Grammy Awards to be held in February next year, at least four BTS songs, including collaboration songs, was sent

1. They didn’t even get any awards with Butter, so I’m not really looking forward to it this time…. Grammy is really badㅜㅜ

2. Butter didn’t deserve to win Grammy… How can it beat Doja Cat ‘Kiss Me More’?

3. Because of ARMYs, Grammy feels like some kind of Olympics

4. If you don’t give BTS Grammy, please stop using BTS

5. But what are the songs of BTS this year?

6. I wish they could win Grammy, but the Grammy barrier is too big…

7. The Grammy has never given an award to a boy group, so just being nominated is great

8. If you keep trying, you will get good news one day

9. Are there any Korean singers nominated for Grammy? Whether they get an award or not, I’m still proud that BTS can continue to be nominated

10. I really don’t understand why you guys don’t support Korean singers

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it it’s not Grammy using bts it is them apply for Grammy nominations themselves. They just want to win the award to prove something but they will never win any Grammy with these songs


Pretty sure those nominated also sent theirs for the same reason. It’s easier to choose English songs than be bothered to read translations of other language songs, even most publications that had reviewed non-English albums hadn’t done so


Worry about your flop groups winning Music Bank


Other kpop groups been sending theirs for several years but never once nominated so why the fuss over BTS’ when they did get nominated twice


3. Because of ARMYs, Grammy feels like some kind of Olympics

what even that means …. grammys are not even fan-voted ☠️ they just submitted their songs anyway like any other normal singers do


The never ending western validation crave🤢 Are they gonna bring in reporters again this time 🤣


lmao why u being bitter here


Because her faves want western validation but westerns aren’t interested


Westerners aren’t even interested in bts pls. Be fr. No westerners are interested in kpop


You right they not interested in kpop, just BTS and it pains you. You flops have to get attention in the west by using the “we’re the next BTS” card because without them you know y’all not booking nothing.


Meanwhile BTS getting westerners mom dad sis bro pets unborn child into the fandom daily…. Yeah, no ‘interest’ much 🤪


so what if they bring in reporters ? like other big3 companies esp yg not mediaplaying like crazy ☠️ scrambling to make articles to compare bts and bp all the time


At least they have goals for their music career, your faves can stay craving for that inkigayo music show tho

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My daily reminder that Koreans don’t deserve BTS.


Why do ppl care about bts submitting to grammys? Like kpop groups that have not hit hot 100 are submitting with construction noise. Bp submitting 4 times for bna and no one says sht but has a problem when bts submit

WhatsThe Point

Western artists submit songs all the time regardless of whether they’ll be releasing music soon or not, but God forbid BTS does it.
They’re the only korean act to get a nom, their country doesn’t even seem proud of it

WhatsThe Point

Kpop groups have been wisha for bbmas, amas, Grammy’s Noms since years, been submitting their songs to Grammy’s and go home w/o Noms, BTS gets 2 Noms at the Grammy’s and these people keep fussing over them.

Sk doesn’t deserve BTS, how do yall fumble ur bag so bad

Bts paved the way

Even group like monstax submit grammy. The jealousy is loud


It’s bc BTS are the only ones to get results, so they forget other k-acts even exist and try the same.

Also, the way k-media downplays nominations is wild too.

uhgood⁷ Sexy Nukim

Other kpop groups also sent their songs to grammy. Well, ig they too irrelevant for ppl to care


“crowns and countless trophies we ain’t about it” yeah ok


Uuuuu~some closet apparently studied & memorized Bangtan’s lyrics 👀🤭

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Wake up, Bangtan is the only one that can challenge the Grammys, because they are the only Korean group that matters.


Not with the song like gutter, uptown funk 2.0 and yet to chart


Lol this is just Korean kpoppies bitter abt their favs submitting for the Grammys but never being nominated lmao. If you ask a random Korean grandpa on the street, they’re proud of BTS but pann and theqoo are full of stans of other groups so they’re ofc bitter af.


they need that Grammy like their life depend on it, especially Suga and RM. They are chart obsessed and inflated egos

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