Netizens are divided over Cha Eunwoo going to BLACKPINK’s after party at Coachella

Cha Eunwoo went to BLACKPINK’s after party at Coachella

There were pictures of Eunwoo going to Coachella, so he definitely watched BLACKPINK’s performance~ He also went to BLACKPINK’s after party at Coachellaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+35, -2]

1. [+9, -5] He’s friends with Jisoo

2. [+7, -2] They must have become close after going to the Paris Dior Show together last year~

3. [+5, -0] But BLACKPINK has a lot of unexpected friendships

4. [+4, -6] He has time to hang out with female idols while not contacting group activities due to being busy?

5. [+4, -2] Rosé looks good with that makeup

6. [+2, -0] I like Jisoo’s hot girl image

7. [+2, -3] I heard that Cha Eunwoo left ASTRO, is that true?

8. [+2, -4] They are dating

9. [+0, -1] He doesn’t have time for group activities, but I guess he has time to go to America to meet Jisoo

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Finally, we are free from blonk. Take eunwoo..please dont ever link jungkook to flopink anymore. Woohooooo finally


Free my Girlie from dudu juncook fans 💀


Never saw jungkook fan shipping jk to dozenpink. Pretty sure dozenpink fandom are the one whos excited and making lie that jk is watching their girlies..even their parent is same as their fandom lol


The votes on these… why even bother translating it


Omg eunwoo is their next target after v, jk, and jaehyun. Free eunwoo from dozenpink


Bitch got jealous


Jealous of std girl? Ewww. Who want a jeremy girl, gd and ball sniffer girl, etc. Eww


free your life of blackpink, they do not want to be involved with you and change your username. mind your own faves and own life.


Seems like that Eunwoo really want that clout


eunwoo partying with attention seeking strangers while one of his members just committed suicide…

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What the actual fuck! Do you still have the fricking morals left in you to bring that up just for hate. You sick fucktard! Check the date and time will before you spit some nonsense in the comsec.

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