Netizens are divided over (G)I-DLE Miyeon’s singing skills after watching her live stage at the MBC Drama Awards

(G)I-DLE Miyeon’s live stage at the MBC Drama Awards

My Dearest OST

1. Wow, she really can’t sing

2. She reminds me of BLACKPINK Jisoo

3. She’s not that bad that you guys leave bad comments, right…?

4. Maybe it’s because she’s nervous but it’s still better than lip syncing

5. I know she sings well so I’m a bit disappointed with this performance, but this performance is much better than lip syncing

6. I read the comments and watched the video, but it wasn’t that bad…

7. Is she a singer?

8. I guess she was so nervous because her voice was shaking so much

9. It’s not bad..?? Why the reactions like this?

10. Miyeon always does well so this time I’m a bit disappointed

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