Netizens are divided over IVE An Yujin doing the ‘Smoke’ challenge

IVE An Yujin does the ‘Smoke’ challenge

1. She dances well

2. I think she danced in her own styleㅋㅋ I hate people who pretend to be judges after watching the challengeㅋㅋ

3. She danced worse than I thought

4. Yujin is so cool and cute

5. She dances well but it seems like this choreography doesn’t suit her

6. She did well in her own style

7. An Yujin is so cool ㅠㅠ

8. What’s up with the malicious comments?

9. I don’t think she’s a good dancer

10. Why are you guys comparing her to a professional dancer? Anyway she dances well

11. Yujin is good at dancing but I don’t think the choreography suits her

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