Netizens are divided over Jennie’s pictures on her way to Paris

Look at Jennie’s pictures on her way to Paris

Her face is so small. Even when she ties her hair, her face still looks small

[+383, -96]

1. [+155, -10] She was wearing two masks, but please be careful, JenJen

2. [+146, -9] A kitten

3. [+135, -6] The antis wrote comments bashing Jennie so quicklyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ And people still say that Jennie flop? The more that happens, the more successful Jennie becomes

4. [+110, -144] I feel like Jennie dresses more and more badly

5. [+93, -108] Are you saying this style is pretty…? For real, it’s not balanced

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