Netizens are divided over Jisoo losing so much weight

Wow Jisoo really lost so much weight…

1. She’s seriously so pretty.. I never cursed YG for not letting BLACKPINK make a comeback, but now I feel really resentful that Jisoo loses weight every time they come back

2. How do these kids lose weight???? She has no weight to lose, how can she lose weight? She can’t even cut flesh…

3. Is she preparing for her solo debut?

4. Wow but she’s seriously so pretty

5. Hul, but looking at it this way, she looks a lot like Rosé

6. Her features look even bigger now, even without weight loss, they already look so big

7. She’s always pretty whether she lost weight or not

8. It’s true that she lost a lot of weight.. Looks like she’s going all out for their comeback

9. She lost a lot of fat on her face?? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

10. Her face looks smaller

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