Netizens are divided over Kim Chaewon’s visuals

Why is Kim Chaewon this pretty these days?

Seriously pretty

[+256, -342]

1. [+174, -48] Everyone says that she was prettier in IZONE, but personally I think she’s prettier now

2. [+157, -28] She’s so cute in the second picture ㅠㅠ She’s so round

3. [+127, -176] Aside from her eyes, I’m not sure… Influencers are prettier than her

4. [+43, -16] She’s the leader of the group that includes this person

5. [+40, -15] LE SSERAFIM is slowly getting more and more praise. I can’t like them before they remove Kim Garam

6. [+30, -10] Kim Chaewon is so cute

7. [+23, -8] Wow seriously, her image overlaps with Winter

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