Netizens are divided over Kim Heechul donating 100 million to victims of school violence

Super Junior’s Heechul donates 100 million to victims of school violence

1. Donations are good. If you keep showing good behavior in the future, people will know your sincerity

2. Seriously, I was so disappointed with him, so this doesn’t really change his image, but don’t criticize him when he’s doing good things

3. Do you really think that Hyunjin or Kim Heechul just need to donate and their sins will be forgiven?

4. Donating 100 million won is a thousand times more useful than the losers who don’t donate even 100 won

5. I wonder if he apologizes to the celebrities that he mentioned

6. Like Lee Seung Gi and Hyunjin, they use money to change their image

7. He did well, but I don’t want to see him on TV anymore

8. He donated, but I don’t think his image will change

9. Shouldn’t the donation itself be commended?

10. I don’t like Kim Heechul, but let’s not write bad comments on donation posts

11. He did so well

12. I hate him, but he did well this time

13. But Kim Heechul is not the perpetrator of school violence, so is this something to be criticized for

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Doesn’t chnge shit about him hating women and a right winger 🤢


He only (rightfully) hate radical feminists, not women.

meow meow

radfems are not good but in korea they just view all feminists as radfems bcs… they don’t like women 😭


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Fuck him and that ugly talentless bully Hyunjin from StrayKids

Handsome Hyunjin

Shut up. BTW Yeonjun looks like a scary ugly gollum. Ugliest man in kpop


I don’t like calling charity PR but this one definitely is


It definitely is. I remember he said that, he made many donations in the past, but people just dont know about it. Then, suddenly we know about this particular donation? This is definitely media play from his side.

Last edited 1 month ago by Popoapoo
meow meow

bad people can do good things it’s still fuck heechul


i really cant respect strategic donations


Very convenient timing


fuck this incel, pedo, talentless hag. he can shove his donation up his ass.

and fuck that incel, violent bully hyunjin

Handsome Hyunjin

Yeonjun uglyy man

SperM Oppas

he won’t change, this just a stage.

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