Netizens are divided over Kwon Eunbi’s outfit at Water Bomb today

Kwon Eunbi’s Water Bomb preview today

1. Eunbi is pretty but does she have to dress like that?

2. Eunbi is so pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. Eunbi is so hot

4. I watched the videos and was shocked by her outfit

5. This time, her outfit is much better than her outfit at Water Bomb in Korea

6. I know you have a nice body even when you’re not dressed like that, but that’s a bit sad

7. She’s 28 years old, let her do what she wants

8. She is a hot girl

9. This is why I hate Water Bomb, no matter what she does, it’s hard to say nice things

10. Isn’t it normal for female idols to wear outfits like that these days? Kwon Eunbi is so sexy that she stands out like that..

11. Not only is she pretty, but she’s also good at singing

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