Netizens are divided over LE SSERAFIM’s outfits in their teaser

The outfits in LE SSERAFIM teaser surprised many people in real time

1. Honestly it looks like underwear

2. The 2024 fashion trend is not wearing pants… but I think the public might find it offensive

3. It’s cool, it’s pretty

4. Personally, I wish LE SSERAFIM would do a concept like Perfect Night, it suits them really well but it’s a shame

5. So pretty, I think LE SSERAFIM will do so well this time

6. She’s a celebrity and it’s not everyday wear, but she can wear it depending on the concept

7. Is this an underwear ad?

8. It’s not cool, it’s just mediocre, but please stop with this concept, it doesn’t have a good impact

9. All I could think was that her body was amazing

10. What’s wrong with the outfit?

11. Wow, her abs are amazing

12. Would it matter if she wore it on stage? For some reason, I feel like she would wear it on stage

13. Whether it’s sexy or not, it’s not pretty

14. Unless she’s a minor, I don’t know what the problem is

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