Netizens are divided over Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chae Won signing with Source Music x HYBE

Former IZ*ONE members Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chae Won sign with Source Music x HYBE “To debut as new girl group members”

On March 14, Source Music announced that they had signed exclusive contracts with Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chae Won

They will be debuting as new girl group members under Source Music x HYBE Labels

1. I like the two of them, but when I think of GFriend, I feel sad…

2. A Japanese right-wing idol? Daebak, condolences to the other members who will debut with her

3. Sakura is much younger than I thought, I want her to debut soon, Korean style is perfect for her

4. Finally, I miss Kim Chae Won

5. Source Music..? Isn’t it Min Heejin’s group?

6. Their group can’t wear Hanbok and they can’t even open their mouths during national events or anniversaries because of a right wing idol

7. This group can’t even wear Hanbok…

8. They abandoned GFriend and chose the former members of IZ*ONE? This is crazy

9. Why did they choose her? There are many talented girls in Korea

10. It’s not Min Heejin’s group, I think Min Heejin’s group will only consist of Korean members

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