Netizens are divided over NMIXX “Party O’ Clock” M/V

NMIXX “Party O’ Clock” M/V (title song)

1. I still don’t know what their musical style is. The song itself is good but it doesn’t show the colors of NMIXX. I hope the comeback stage will have an impact

2. Wow the music video is really beautiful

3. In my opinion, it’s the best NMIXX song so far! I think it would be great to listen to it while driving

4. The melody is good but the rap is a bit disappointing

5. I like the song!! You should listen to it while exercising

6. The chorus is good

7. NMIXX is a talented group so I hope they do well, I support them

8. The chorus is good and the song is good, but there’s too much rap, the rap part is really bad

9. The MV is beautiful and the song is good too

10. It’s a pity that the song, music video, choreography and outfits are all not the best

11. The song is good but the choreography is a bit disappointing

12. It sounds like a TWICE song

13. What happened to the female idols of JYP?

14. The song is good!!!! It will be on my playlist this summer

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