Netizens are divided over Red Velvet’s Yeri mentioning NewJeans

Red Velvet Yeri mentions NewJeans

Ask me anything: What is the song that you like the most right now?
Yeri: Hype Boy

Hype Boy is Yeri’s favorite song these days

[+157, -23]

1. [+138, -4] Wow the same as me

2. [+130, -3] Sigh, why are articles about Yeri always filled with comments like these…

3. [+110, -188] She’s trying to clout chase for friendships again.. Just practice singing instead

4. [+49, -77] She went from the Jennie disease to the NewJeans disease

5. [+18, -14] She tries to present herself as a sunbae by pretending to listen to hoobae’ songsㅋㅋ

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