Netizens are divided over Rosé showing that she cares too much about the results

Rosé is a result bug too

“Unistella too, me too.. We’re all working so hard”
“BLINKs, how many times have you watched the video?”

Idols turn me off when they do that

[+476, -495]

1. [+284, -25] I don’t think she asked how many times we watched the MV for her results though

2. [+261, -29] Why is she a result bug just because she asked how many times we watched the MV?? It’s not like she asked us to buy her album, the MV is so well done that you can’t help but watch it several times

3. [+232, -38] This is such a non-issue…. Sigh..

4. [+192, -127] I don’t think it’s normal for singers to show that they care too much about results…

5. [+144, -94] Honestly, she lacks tact

6. [+67, -44] She left me speechless

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