Netizens are divided over Sakura getting an advertising contract with Louis Vuitton

Looks like Sakura got an advertising contract with Louis Vuitton

“I will be presenting the various charms of Louis Vuitton through many opportunities for a year from now on! Please look forward to them!”

1. Her face is so good…. So pretty

2. Louis Vuitton has a lot of short-term contracts like this, she’s not an ambassador

3. She’s so pretty, she’s getting better and better

4. Well, it suits her so well

5. I don’t want to see right-wing Japanese people

6. If you want to promote in Korea, please promote carefully while looking at Korea

7. Sakura is seriously pretty. I hope she gets better

8. I envy her waistline

9. Honestly, if you were once a member of a Japanese right-wing girl group and then debuted as a member of a Korean girl group and made more money than before, please pretend that you understand Korean history a bit

10. I don’t know what charm she has that makes her famous…

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