Netizens are divided over SEVENTEEN, TXT and ENHYPEN shooting something together

Looks like SEVENTEEN, TXT AND ENHYPEN are shooting something together

It was uploaded as a comeback spoiler for ENHYPEN’s next album, but everyone has their mics attached to them and has the same background

1. I’m looking forward to it. I’m so excited

2. Hul, I love this

3. But I wish they weren’t tied together

4. Please reveal something quickly

5. HYBE, what is it!!!?!?!?! What are they doing!!

6. Well, I’m so curious

7. I hope they stop mixing them together when they’re from different companies

8. Is BTS going to be there to? I bet they won’t?

9. I wonder what it is

10. I think it will be released during Chuseok

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They may be from different companies, but those companies all exist in the same building. Acting as if they have nothing to do with each other is borderline insane.

please change back to disqus

please change back to disqus


this new comment section sucks ass


Bring Disquss back


That #7 sounds like a typical ratmy. Nobody wants to go near bts bc of rabid ratmys


this ugly ass comment design, PLEASE CHANGE BACK TO DISQUS


When the other groups make tktk video, people find this is cute, “omg they are so cute” “they look good together” “oh I didn’t know they are close to each other” but why people against to HYBE groups? These groups are really friend, they’re not doing for interaction. Some of them are training together tho and SEVENTEEN was a guest in the I-Land and now they are really care their dongsaengs. Especially my favorite interaction is SVTxENHA, they’re soo soo sooo cute 😭😭😭

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