Netizens are divided over Stray Kids Hyunjin’s sales as high as BTS’s in China

Hyunjin’s sales are as high as BTS’s in China

It’s been many years since BTS was lined up one after the other in terms of individual sales in China

But Hyunjin broke the ranking, even though he couldn’t get past V who is still #1

I thought JYP was weak in China, I was surprised

[+40, -115]

1. [+138, -38] School violence idol screw off

2. [+127, -14] Because of the Chinese government, fans are now prohibited from bulk buying BTS albums after 2019, stop comparing ㅠ

3. [+120, -35] School violence

4. [+106, -7] BTS’ fanclub in China has been blocked, and it’s been more than 3 years since fans stopped bulk buying BTS albums in bulk because of the CCP. Seeing how you try to praise Stray Kids by mixing them up with BTS is pathetic

5. [+35, -44] For the 4th generation male idols, Hyunjin seems to be at the one top right now

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