Netizens are divided over Suzy wearing Hanbok on the cover of ‘Elle’ January issue

Suzy wears Hanbok on the cover of ‘Elle’ January issue

Elle’s first hanbok cover

1. Wow so crazy, so pretty

2. Why is her expression so sad?.. Especially the first photo

3. As expected from Suzy

4. My second time seeing her looks like Kazuha

5. Suzy’s hanbok photos are legendary ㅠ

6. When I think of Hanbok, I think of Suzy

7. Suzy is so pretty but her Hanbok is a bit disappointing

8. Her hair is a bit disappointing but her face is so pretty

9. I feel like she can’t use her facial expressions

10. The previous hanbok photoshoot was amazing, but it’s a pity that this photoshoot doesn’t show Suzy’s full beauty

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